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Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) 52 Wks, 34 Wks, 16 Wks


The Domestic Violence(DV)Class has two components -- an Online Course and an Online Group Session (video). The online course is worked each week and can be done at any time during the week. The user logs in and takes the class on the internet. The online class has 26 themes. The user is required to proceed through the course at the rate of one theme every two weeks. Each theme consists of pages to read, a quiz, a guided written response and a practice (an opportunity to apply what was learned in the chapter). In addition to the computer coursework, the user attends an online group session every week using the video camera on a phone, tablet or computer.


Overarching themes in the coursework, as specified in California Penal Code Section 1203.097 (c)(1)(F) promote cultural, ethnic, sexual orientation and class sensitivity and include:

  • Gender roles
  • Socialization
  • The nature of violence
  • The dynamics of power and control
  • The effects of abuse on victim

Program Content

Program content promotes personal awareness, serving to change attitudes and behavior:

  • Learner Accountability
  • Reshaping behaviors, language, values and beliefs associated with domestic violence
  • Respect for others
  • Empathy enhancement
  • Demonstration of change through guided practice in real life situations

This Domestic Violence Course satisfies California Domestic Violence Requirements

  • The online group session feature of the S2S DV program satisfies CPC section 1203.097 (B), the requirement that the client, defendant, or offender participate in ongoing group sessions.
  • The webinar also satisfies CPC section 1203.097 (F), educational programming
  • The S2S DV program is designed to;
    • educate the client, defendant, or offender,
    • has the client, defendant, or offender practice what they have learned through the required practicum,
    • requires them to participate in a group session to discuss their personal gains with putting the newly learned information and replacement skills into practice.

Domestic Violence Online Group Video Session

The Domestic Violence Online Group Session is held at a scheduled time every week. Attendance is monitored and is required for receipt of the class Completion Certificate. The Group Session teaches topics specific to Domestic Violence. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions.

The Online Group Session provides group interaction for thorough exploration and understanding of relevant themes, including:

  • Forms of abuse; physical, emotional, sexual, economic, property destruction, and acts jeopardizing the health, well-being, and safety of others
  • Abuse, battering, and domestic violence as defined in the California Penal Code
  • Techniques for reshaping attitudes and behavior.
  • Power and control within intimate relationships
  • Misguided beliefs about anger and abusive behavior
  • The anger and abuse cycle
  • Violence as a cultural norm.
  • The connection between domestic violence and racist oppression
  • Changing personal pattern of anger and abuse
  • The destructive impact on victims and witnesses of domestic violence.

Class Outline

Physiological Responses