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Parenting Program: 16 Wks, 26 Wks, 34 Wks, 52 Wks


The Parenting Program is a weekly, 2-hour group session, using the video camera on a phone, tablet or computer. The facilitator and participants see and talk to one another during the session. In addition to the group video session, the client completes weekly online coursework (using phone, tablet or computer). The coursework is a guided written response one week and a practice (an opportunity to apply what was learned in the chapter) the following week.

Course Content

The course content, as specified in California Penal Code Section 273a (Child Endangerment) and 273d (Child Abuse) is designed specifically to address the cycle of family violence including:

  • Methods of preventing and breaking the cycle of family violence;
  • Anger management;
  • Parenting education which focuses, at minimum, on means of identifying the developmental and emotional needs of the child.

Parenting Program Online Group Video Session

The Parenting Program Online Group Video Session is held at a scheduled time every week. Attendance is monitored and is required for receipt of the class Completion Certificate. The Group Session teaches topics specific to Parenting, Child Endangerment and Child Abuse. Attendees particpate and are encouraged to ask questions.