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Steps 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

What You Need

You will need a device connected to the internet -- a computer, a tablet or a phone.  The coursework will include typing or speech-to-text, which can be done on any of these.  The webinar sessions also work equally well on any device and primarily require a good internet connection -- either a 4G data connection or a good wifi. The majority of students simply use a cell phone. You will need a camera on your device since you will be in a video Zoom meeting. You will also need earbuds or headphones for privacy.

Overview of the Process

Step 1: Sign Up

  • Click on the Signup button and fill out two pages.  (You do not need to pay in order to sign up, but you do need to pay before you enroll.)
  • During Signup, you will create a user name and password.  Remember these for logging back in.
  • Once you create your account, you can come back and finish later by clicking Login.

Step 2: Complete Intake Documents

  • Click "Complete Intake". Click each "To Do" button to see the page and sign it or fill it out. Change all of the "To Do" buttons to "Finished". This takes an hour or two.
  • After all documents are "Finished", they will be reviewed and approved by the Intake Staff. You will receive a text or phone call if they need more information from you. (Tell them if you have a deadline!)

Step 3: Pay the Signup Fee (unless an agency is paying)

  • Click Enter Credit Card and enter a ViSA or Mastercard. Prepaid or gift cards are okay. Call if you need us to do this for you.
  • Text or call us to tell that it is entered and ready to be charged. We ask that you pay the full $75 fee, but you can start the course with a partial payment of $35 at first and the remainder over several weeks.
  • Be ready to pay $35/week. (See Pricing)

Step 4: Attend your Zoom Video Intake Meeting

  • The link to make an appointment is in one of the last intake documents.
  • You will select the day and time of your class during the Video Inake Meeting.

Step 5: You Will Be Enrolled and You Can Start Attending!

  • To attend your webinar, connect once a week at the scheduled time.
  • To do your online coursework, log in and click "Do Written Work". You can type or use speech to text.