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Steps 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

What You Need

You will need a device connected to the internet -- a computer, a tablet or a phone.  The coursework will include typing, which can be done on any of these.  The webinars also work equally well on any device and primarily require a good internet connection -- either a 4G data connection or a good wifi. The majority of students simply use a cell phone. The cell phone will need a front-facing camera for the webinar.

Overview of the Process

Step 1: Sign Up

  • Click on the Signup button to sign up for the course.  You do not need to pay in order to sign up.
  • During Signup, you will create a user name and password.  Remember these for logging back in.

Step 2: Login to your class Dashboard

  • Click Login
  • Enter the user name and password that you created during registration.

Step 3: Complete Intake Documents

  • Complete Intake Documents within 7 days (sooner if you have an enroll-by deadline from probation or court.)
  • Once completed, the documents will be reviewed and approved by your tutor.  Please allow 3 days for review and approval.
  • Once approved, you are "Enrolled" and your course start date is scheduled.  A course week always starts on a Monday and end on a Sunday (although you can do the work on any day).

Step 4: Enter Your Credit Card

  • You can pay with any major credit card.  If you do not have a credit card, you can use a prepaid VISA or Mastercard.  For example, these are available at Walmart and can be refilled for the weekly payments.
  • You will be billed an initial intake fee and then weekly once after you begin your course.

Step 5: Take the class

  • To do your online coursework, log in and click Start Course or Continue Course. You can log out and return at any time, fitting the class into your schedule.
  • To attend your webinar, connect once a week at the scheduled time.

Step 6: Download Your Completion Certificate

  • At the end of the class you can download your Completion Certificate.

More Details About What You Can Expect

  • You can log out and return at any time. The program will remember where you are and will save your work.
  • A tutor is assigned to you and will review your work and send you messages which will appear on your dashboard. You are also encouraged to message your tutor (from the dashboard) with comments or questions.
  • Your classwork consists of readings, a written response, opportunities to practice what you have learned.
  • You will attend a mandatory online group Webinar session every week.
  • At times the court may require proof of progress through the class prior to your completion. You can contact our office and we will provide this for you or you may use the documents that are available to you from your dashboard. If your agency has a formal relationship with Streets2Schools, then we also provide reports directly to the agency.
  • Customer service is available 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri Pacific Time.

How to Confirm That This Class Meets Requirements

All classes are accredited in the state of California. In addition, they have been used by clients throughout the country to satisfy mandated course requirements. Ultimately, the decision to accept a class is at the discretion of the court or officer/agency supervising your case.

If you are shopping multiple sites, be careful when you see a course "guarantee". It usually means that you are guaranteed to get your money back -- not that the class will be accepted.

You will need to confirm that the class that you take is accepted by the court or agency mandating it. To do this, we recommend that you print our Course & Probation Approval Form and have it signed by your court or agency officer.

If your county has an established relationship with Streets2Schools' and has referred you directly to us, then your referring agency officer may provide you with a referral.

Please go to our How to Confirm Approval of Class to download the Approval Form.