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How to Confirm Approval of Class

How to Confirm Approval of Class by Court/Agency classes are accredited in the state of California. In addition, they can be used by clients throughout the country to satisfy mandated course requirements. Ultimately, the decision to accept a class is at the discretion of the court or officer/agency supervising your case.

It is your responsibility to confirm with your judge. probation, attorney or court or officer/agency as to whether our  domestic violence program will be approved as satisfaction for your requirements.

If You Are in California

Read our page for Clients in California. You can use the form on this page if acceptable to your agency (court, probation, parole), or they may have a document that they prefer to use.

How To Confirm Acceptance of your Class

If you do not have a referral or minute order referring you to this course, you can download the Approval form below and obtain the necessary signature prior to taking the course.