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from the Domestic Violence Cycle


BREAKAWAY™ from the Domestic Violence Cycle

Additional Support Just For You

Behind the scenes, S2S identifies the need for additional support services for people struggling with the Domestic Violence Cycle. S2S has built a Facebook™ group (100% free to join) for S2S clients or anyone who wants additional, confidential support to continue on the journey to BREAKAWAY from the DV Cycle. This support is separate and apart from any S2S course.

We built this group specifically to support you with the following:

✅#1. Weekly focus on successful concepts and strategies to put into daily practice.

✅#2. Behind the scenes video lessons of what we are learning as we walk with others on their BREAKAWAY success journey.

✅#3. Ways to collaborate, share, and learn from other active members of the group who are actively on the road to breaking away from the DV cycle for good.

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BREAKAWAY™ from the Domestic Violence Cycle

You will be approved within minutes. Can't wait to see you inside.