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Refund Policy Refund Policy

Streets2Schools, Inc. is pleased to provide to serve you and your domestic violence or anger management course needs. The following protocol will be followed regarding refunds.

Where to Send Refund Request
A written request for refund is required. To request a refund, please send an e-mail to:

If you do not receive a response to your request within 3 business days, please call our office.

No Refund Based on Class Not Accepted

  • Streets2Schools is an accepted provider in 18 California counties and in South Carolina.
  • If the court or agency requiring these classes are located elsewhere, then do not sign up for the class until you confirm that the classes will be accepted for credit.
  • There will be no refund if your agency does not accept the class, because you are not to sign up unless it is accepted.

Refund Based on Course Not Completed

  • A refund request must be submitted within 90 days of last login to the class.
  • You are required to pay for classes that you have attended.
  • If you prepaid and/or have paid more than the amount that you owe, then you will receive a refund for the amount of the overpayment.
  • If you discontinue the class, please contact our office immediately so that we know to stop charging your credit card.

Receiving Your Refund

  • Your refund will be credited to the same credit card that you used to pay for your class. If the card no longer allows a refund, then you will receive a check for the credit amount.
  • The amount will be refunded within 14 days of acknowledgement by Streets2Schools, Inc that we have received your e-mail and approved your request for refund.